Joint EU Rural Development Programme

Development Partner: European Union
Start Date: 19/10/2014
Closing Date: 31/12/2019
Total Financing: EUR 27.00 million
Total Financing Equivalent: US$ 34.45 million
Government's Sector: Agriculture and Land Reclamation
Implementing Entity: Ministry of Agriculture and Land Reclamation - Ministry of Water Resources and Irrigation
Governorate: Several Governorates

Development Program Objectives:

Contribute to the development of rural areas in three of the most vulnerable Governorates of the country (Matrouh, Minia and Fayoum). The programme is a multi-sector intervention in line with the ENPARD approach (European Neighbourhood Programme for Agriculture and Rural Development) and with a focus on the sustainable management of territorial resources. It will provide training for rural associations and other community-based organisations; promoting the sustainable management of local resources.

Development Impact:

Development of the agricultural sector and the rural areas in Egypt.

    US$ 918.50 million

    Total amount of the current ODA provided by European Union to Egypt

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