Helwan South Power Project

Development Partner: World Bank
Start Date: 30/04/2014
Closing Date: 30/06/2019
Total Financing: US$ 585.40 million
Total Financing Equivalent: US$ 585.40 million
Government's Sector: Electricity and Energy
Implementing Entity: Electricity Holding Company Egypt - Egyptian Electric Holding Company - Egyptian Natural Gas Holding Company (EGAS)
Governorate: Helwan

Development Program Objectives:

The objective of the Helwan South Power Project for Egypt is to increase power generation capacity in an efficient manner within the borrower's territory. There are two components to the project, the first component being the Helwan south power plant. This component includes a 3x650-MW supercritical steam technology power plant, fired by natural gas as the primary fuel and by Heavy Fuel Oil (HFO) as a backup. The plant comprises three identical units, each of 650 MW gross capacities.

The plant will be cooled by a once-through cooling system using water from the Nile River. Each of the three units will include the standard set of equipment: a 650-MW steam generator, a steam turbine, a condenser, and an electricity generator; process and cooling water supply systems; an air and flue gas system; a fuel supply system; and a number of auxiliary systems (condensate treatment, hydrogen generation, compressed air, fire protection, emergency diesel generator, start-up power system, medium and low voltage system, direct current power system for control and relays, and uninterruptible power system). Finally, the second component is the gas pipelines.

This component includes two gas pipelines capable of supplying approximately 12.5 million cubic meters of gas per day. One pipeline, 36 inches in diameter and 93 kilometers (km) long, will connect the Helwan South power plant site, which is near the town of Atfeeh, to the existing gas pipeline network at the compressor station at Dahshour.

Development Impact:

Strengthening the national grid of electricity and thus contribute to the economic development of Egypt and improve the lives of citizens by reducing the gap between supply and demand.

US$ 6,093.50 million

Total amount of the current ODA provided by World Bank to Egypt

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