Preparation of the Feasibility Study for the Operation of Al Amireya Integrated Technical Education Cluster

Development Partner: South Korea
Start Date: 15/10/2015
Closing Date: 15/10/2017
Total Financing: US$ 1.00 million
Total Financing Equivalent: US$ 1.00 million
Government's Sector: Education and Higher Education and Scientific and technical education and research sector
Implementing Entity: Education Development Fund
Governorate: Cairo

Development Program Objectives:

* Preparation of the Feasibility Study for the operation of Al Amireya Integrated Technical Education Cluster, Cairo Governorate.

* A pilot model for the operation of other integrated technical education clusters in other governorates.

* Contribute to the development of recommendations for the improvement of technical education clusters management and operation.

Development Impact:

This project will help in know how and knowledge exchange in the field of technical and vocational education and in benefitting from Korean training models and development expertise, thus contributing to producing trained resources to meet the needs of the labor market in Egypt and abroad.

US$ 120.98 million

Total amount of the current ODA provided by South Korea to Egypt

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