Dr. Nasr: "Since the establishment of Tahya Misr Fund, the President has been keen on improving standards of living nationwide and empowering youth economically through providing them with job opportunities".

On 25 December 2017, the Minister of Investment and International Cooperation Dr. Sahar Nasr inspected construction works of the investment zone at Ezbet Naguib area, Al-Qalyubia governorate, in presence of Governor of Al-Qalyubia Maj. Gen. Mahmoud Ashmawy and GAFI's Vice-CEO Chancellor Mohammed Abdul-Wahab as well as several leaders from the Armed Forces Engineering Authority (AFEA). 
The Minister highlighted the importance of taking care of investors' needs, which would contribute to injecting new investments that serve residents of the said area and improve their standards of living. A dialogue was held between the Minister and a number of citizens about their needs in the governorate. 
The investment zone covers an area of 46 feddans and is located on the international regional road near the new free Shubra El-Kheima- Banha Road; it is owned by GAFI. It is decided to be dedicated to food industries, provided that 70% would be allocated to SMEs and 30% to major enterprises in order to achieve integration between young investors and businessmen. 
Afterwards, the Minister headed to Al-Sharqiya to participate at 'Tahya Misr Day' ceremony in her capacity as head of TMF's Executive Committee, in presence of member of the Executive Committee Dr. Ali Gomaa, TMF's Executive Manager Mr. Mohammed Ashmawy, Governor of Al-Sharqiya Maj. Gen. Khaled Saed and several political and executive leaders in the governorate. 
Dr. Nasr emphasized that since the establishment of TMF; the President has been keen on improving standards of living nationwide and empowering youth economically through providing them with job opportunities and funds to start their own business. She noted that the ceremony was not only to celebrate TMF's achievements, but to listen to challenges citizens face in Al-Sharqiya as well. 
She also pointed out that TMF worked on supporting female breadwinners and women and that eliminating Hepatitis C was among TMF's success story in which they took pride. She mentioned that providing basic services, adequate housing and healthcare were among TMF's priorities, stating that sustainable development would not be attained without providing such services and that all Egyptians contributed to TMF. 
On his part, Dr. Gomaa said that TMF made great achievements in eliminating Hepatitis C, implementing the homeless children protection project, providing the most disadvantages villages and providing job opportunities and adequate housing, all of which fall under TMF's vision. In addition, Mr. Ashmawy added that all those who contributed to TMF were its real owners. 
As for Maj. Gen. Saed, he asserted that TMF was established to activate the President's initiative to support the Egyptian economy and social justice through implementing several development small and micro enterprises. 
During the ceremony, a documentary on TMF's key activities was displayed and several youth were honored and handed over certificates for their distinguished performance in a number of projects by TMF's executive committee. They were also handed over certificates for their distinguished performance in managing small enterprise and other certificates for the ultimate recovery from Hepatitis C, besides announcing results of the medical survey and conducting relevant outreach campaigns. 
It is worth noting that TMF is considered an example of sustainable comprehensive development and solidarity between citizens, given that TMF implemented several development projects in Al-Sharqiya governorate, including the project for the control and treatment of Hepatitis C worth EGP 28 million as a result of which 21 thousand patients were cured. TMF also contributed to conducting a medical survey for 62 thousand patients and implemented youth employment programs such as the distribution of 150 taxi cars to youth with a total amount of EGP 12.8 million and the refrigerated van project with a capacity of 15 tons in 6 refrigerated transport companies with an amount worth EGP 11 million as well as the distribution of refrigerated vans with a capacity of 5 tons in 3 refrigerated transport companies with an amount of EGP 700.000. This is in addition to urban development programs and the development of 105 households in the neediest villages with a total cost of EGP 3.4 million in collaboration with Al-Orman Charity Association. TMF's projects further included the homeless children protection project which comprised the development of Dar El-Tarbiya "House of Education" in Al-Zaqaziq along with providing a mobile unit worth EGP 17.1 million as well as the food support project which includes 80 tons of the Greater Bairam's meat provided by Saudi Arabia to 24 thousand poor households at 30 villages, besides 5 tons of sugar distributed to the most disadvantages villages. Moreover, TMF contributed to solving environmental problems by providing financial support to 24 beneficiaries of the rice straw residues' recycling project worth EGP 750.000.