On 22 November 2017, the Minister of Investment and International Cooperation Dr. Sahar Nasr, AFD’s Cairo Office Director Ms. Stephanie Lafranchi, and CODATU’s Executive Manager Mr. Jean-Jacques Helluin signed a technical cooperation agreement in the urban transportation field through FEXTE partnership grant worth EUR 500.000 to provide a technical support in favor of the Ministry of Transport. This took place in presence of the Minister of Transport Dr. Hesham Arafat, on the sidelines of the second Urban Mobility Forum held within the framework of the French-Egyptian Sustainable City Week. 
The agreement, explained the Minister, aimed to improve the ticket-issuance system and support the commercial benefit from Metro stations and trams as well as railways in Cairo and Alexandria, besides supporting the operation and maintenance management to decrease operational costs. This is in addition to focusing on the metro system in Cairo and the tram system in Alexandria, improving the physical integration between various means of transportation and enhancing capacities of the Greater Cairo Transport Regulatory Authority and the public transportation system in Cairo and Alexandria. 
The Minister mentioned that an action plan would be developed to improve the design of Cairo metro and Al-Raml Tram in Alexandria, review and support the professional design of two main metro stations on the third metro line, design and implement a training program to improve the efficiency of the staff working  in the maintenance of Cairo metro, and support the professional performance of the Greater Cairo Transport Regulatory Authority and develop its human resources. She indicated that the agreement reflected strong economic and developmental relations between Egypt and France. 
Connecting between cities would contribute to enhancing investments in Egypt and decrease the time period of transportation, emphasized the Minister, noting that transportation had a priority in negotiations with international financial institutions. She added that MIIC was committed to supporting the strategy of the Ministry of Transportation. 
In addition, the Minister pointed out that a new draft law was under discussion to regulate the online transportation services, which would provide a legislative framework for companies working in the field. 
The Minister commended several projects supported by the AFD in Egypt such as the establishment of the three metro lines, an information system at the Bibliotheca Alexandrina and power plant, and the New Qasr Al-aini project, besides broadening telephone exchanges in several governorates and water and wastewater plants. The AFD contributed to financing several significant projects, topped by the third line of Cairo metro (Phases I & II), financing micro and small enterprises in favor of the Social Fund for Development (SFD), natural gas delivery to households, besides improving water and wastewater services.
On her part, Ms. Lanfranchi reiterated that technical support of the transportation sector in Egypt would depend on French expertise.