To apply for the different services extended by the investment authorities, investors have two options to process their documentation:
Option 1: Self-Process Desk, which is an online processing mechanism.
Option 2: Online processing and payment (Coming soon).
The new Investment Law has narrowed down the application process for services rendered at the Investor Services Center into three to four simple and quick steps:
Submission of the necessary documents and filling out the necessary forms (either at the service complex or by uploading them online)
Payment of fees (either at the Bank of Alexandria branch at the Services Center or online)
Receipt of bank certificate (if applicable)
Verification of signatures and original documents at the service complex (in case documents were submitted online) or signing the documents at the notary office
Company incorporation is finalized on the same day.
Please contact our hotline on 16035 and one of the Call Center representatives will answer all of your questions regarding the investment-related services, how to apply for them and the required fees and documentation for each service.