Abu Dhabi Fund for Development


On 01/01/1974 , Abu Dhabi Fund for Development has started to cooperate with Egypt.

ADFD is a public governmental institution located in Abu Dhabi which has an independent legal status and patrimony. It contributes to financing development projects in Arab and developing countries through loans and grants and it was established on 1\7\1971 with a paid-up capital worth AED 2.1b.


Latest aspects of cooperation :

In light of the coordination group’s consultative meeting held in Cairo in presence of ADFD representatives, ADFD has been advised of several projects of priority to the Egyptian Government. MOIC has provided ADFD with the studies relating to most of these projects.

US$ 530.00 millions

Was the total share of Abu Dhabi Fund for Development from the ODA in Egypt during the past period

Latest Financed Development Programs