On 01/01/1970 , Thailand has started to cooperate with Egypt.

Thailand is located in South-East Asia. Egypt and Thailand enjoy good and strong relations; Thailand considers Egypt a pivotal country in the Middle East. Thailand is a first-rank tourism country which is also distinguished in hunting and agricultural fields.

- Scientific and Cultural Agreement dated 13 November 1976
- Commercial Agreement dated 26 May 1984.
- Scientific and Technical Cooperation Protocol in the field of agriculture dated 2 February 1985.
- Technical and Scientific Agreement dated 8 March 1987.
- Joint Committee Establishing Agreement dated 8 September 1989.
- Investment Protection and Encouragement Agreement dated 18 February 2000.
- Memorandum of Understanding between General Organization for International Exhibitions & Fairs (GOIEF) and Thailand’s Exports Development Administration dated November 2004.
- Double Taxation and Income Tax Evasion Prohibition Agreement dated 29 January 2006.
- Memorandum of Understanding between the Institute of Diplomatic Studies and its Thai counterpart dated 18 April 2007.

Latest aspects of cooperation :

- Preparations are underway to delegate Thai experts to conduct researches on South of the Red Sea Fisheries Development Project to better benefit from existing fisheries.
- The number of trainees admitted in the training courses provided by Thailand to Egypt in various fields to benefit from Thailand’s experiences in many fields has increased.