On 01/01/1956 , China has started to cooperate with Egypt.

Egypt and China enjoy close historical relations, as Egypt was the first Arab and African country to recognize the People's Republic of China. Diplomatic missions have been exchanged since 1956 and Egypt supported China on the Taiwan cause, and to restore its seat in the UN. 
China, on its part,  is a strategic partner for Egypt and Arab states in international forums, and it supports their stances regarding the peace process in the Middle East. Various development projects were carried out in Egypt from 1992 to 2015 by Chinese funds (grants, loans and programs for capacity building of governmental cadres). Total Chinese grants to Egypt since 1992 to date amount to USD 168.582 million, and have been used to implement projects, import equipment and dispatch experts to Egypt. The total sum of soft loans provided by China to Egypt is USD 304.55 million, used to fund and implement various projects in the fields of industry, education, scientific research, investments and industrial zones. Moreover, the Chinese Ministry of Industry introduces an annual program for capacity building of employees in various ministries in collaboration with the Ministry of International Cooperation.

Grant agreements, economic and technical cooperation, and exchanged letters and framework agreements between both governments, in addition to executional loan agreements.

Latest aspects of cooperation :

China is a key Asian partner for Egypt. Development projects and the transfer of Chinese expertise are in progress in vital fields, such as scientific research, fish farming, combating desertification, the use of solar energy, the construction and furnishing of the Investors Service Building in the Economic Zone. On the other hand, phase III of the distance education and the establishment of a center for assembling satellites using Chinese grant resources are underway.
A loan is underway for the first electric train to pass from 10th of Ramadan city through Belbais and reaching the New Administrative Capital. The project is worth USD 1.5 billion and will be implemented by the Ministry of Transport. Two applications were submitted to the Chinese Bank to obtain a loan (85% preferential loan and 15% soft loan) for the implementation of the project. Coordination is in progress with the Ministry of Transport to provide us with the Contract signed by both sides and determine the final project price to  proceed with the required procedures for signing the framework agreement between both governments. 
In addition, cooperation is in progress for preparing a list of priority projects to be executed after consultation with the Chinese side during 2015 – 2017, from Chinese grants in the fields of technical education, scientific research, electricity and energy.