On 01/01/1973 , Japan has started to cooperate with Egypt.

Japan is a very special development partner for Egypt. It always places Egypt on top of its priority list, owing to the latter’s heavy weight in the Middle East and Africa. Egyptian-Japanese relations are based on mutual respect and cooperation. Japan provides grants, loans and feasibility studies within the framework of the Japan's Overseas Development Assistance Program (ODA), under the auspices of Ministry of International Cooperation.  As for technical assistance and dispatching experts and training, it is currently handled by the Department of Foreign Cultural Relations at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Exchanged letters between both governments, loan agreements and executive loans.

Latest aspects of cooperation :

Japan is one of Egypt’s most significant Asian partners. Cooperation witnessed significant development since the resumption of political dialogue in 2014. Total Japanese grants to Egypt since 1973 to date have reached USD 2.22 billion, whereas loans since 1974 to date have amounted to approximately USD 6.56 billion.
Preparations are underway for funding and implementing development projects for the period 2015- 2017 with a total costs of USD 519 million through loans in the field of new and renewable energy, increasing the efficiency and capacity of electricity distribution companies, modernizing airports and grants in the health sector.