The United States of America

On 01/01/1975 , The United States of America has started to cooperate with Egypt.

The USAID, affiliated to the US government, is primarily responsible for the management of foreign assistance granted to civilians. It was established back in 1961 by President John Kennedy pursuant to an administrative decree to implement assistance development programs according to the Foreign Assistance Act.
The Congress sought to upgrade mandate through several annual financial acts/ decrees.  In spite of the fact that the USAID is technically an independent governmental agency, nonetheless, it is driven by foreign policies of the US president, foreign minister and the national security council.
The USAID Director acts based on foreign policies and the foreign minister’s authorities to assist peoples to improve their living conditions and overcome disasters as well as peoples who struggle for founding a democratic nation. 
USAID’s set objectives include providing economic, developmental and humanitarian assistance across the world to help implement US foreign policies. It operates in Africa, Asia, the Near East, Latin America, the Caribbean, Europe and Eurasia. 
Agreements signed with the US government are financed through a degraded financing system according to the progress achieved in each project, deducted from the USAID’s annual allocations.


Following the Peace Treaty in 1978, the American President Jimmy Carter  announced the provision of both economic and military assistance to Egypt annually, which turned into grants in 1982.

Latest aspects of cooperation :

Eight amendments have been signed for bilateral agreements in September 2015 worth a total of USD 142 million. 

US$ 2,651.51 millions

Was the total share of The United States of America from the ODA in Egypt during the past period

Latest Financed Development Programs