On 03/01/1961 , Serbia has started to cooperate with Egypt.

Serbia is located south east Europe and is the successor of the former Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. It is known for its advance in the industries of metal and steel, rubber, clothing, electrical appliances, metal products, vehicles, weapons and ammunition.

The Agreement establishing the Joint Committee for Economic Cooperation Was signed in March 1961, replaced by the Economic, Scientific and Technical Agreement signed in May 2010.

- A cooperation program in the field of culture and arts 2010\2012.
- MOU between the Egyptian Ministry of Telecommunications and Information Technology and the Ministry of Telecommunications and Information Society in Serbia. 
Scientific Cooperation Agreement between the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research in Egypt and the Ministry of Science and Technology Development in Serbia.  

Latest aspects of cooperation :

The first session of the Egyptian Serbian Joint Committee meetings for Economic, Scientific and Technical Cooperation is expected to be held in Cairo.