On 02/01/1993 , Kazakhstan has started to cooperate with Egypt.

A republic of the former Soviet Union which proclaimed its independence in 1991. It is located in central Asia and has huge amounts of natural resources, such as petroleum. It is a founding member of the Eurasian Economic Union.

Economic, Scientific and Technical Cooperation Agreement was signed in Cairo in February 1993.

- A memorandum of understanding between the Egyptian General Authority for Books and National Documents and the National Academic Library in Kazakhstan signed on 6\5\2010.
- MOU between the Egyptian Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research and the Kazakh Ministry of Education and Science signed 31\3\2010. 
MOU between the Bibliotheca Alexandria in Egypt and the National Academic Library in Kazakhstan signed on 5\5\2010.

Latest aspects of cooperation :

A meeting is expected to be held between the Kazakhstani Ambassador to Cairo and the Minister of International Cooperation. Preparations are underway for the convention of the fifth session of the Egyptian Kazakhstani Joint Committee meetings.