On 12/01/1994 , Croatia has started to cooperate with Egypt.

Croatia is located south east of Europe and is known for its industries in the fields of transport equipment, machinery, textiles, chemical material and food products.

The Economic, Scientific and Technical Agreement signed in December 1994.

- Cooperation Agreement between Cairo and Zagrab's Chambers of Commerce signed in April 2008. 
- Cooperation Agreement between Alexandria and Zagrab's Chambers of Commerce signed in April 2008.
- MOU for cooperation between the Egyptian General Authority for Books and National Documents and its counterpart in Croatia. 
- Cooperation Agreement between the Croatian Mine Action Center and the Executive Secretariat for the Demining and Development of the North West Coast in Egypt signed on 2 December 2010. 

Latest aspects of cooperation :

The third session of the Egyptian Croatian Joint Committee meetings for economic, scientific and technical cooperation is expected to be held in Zagreb.