On 16/12/1992 , Armenia has started to cooperate with Egypt.

A former republic of the former Soviet Union which is located on the borders between the Asia and Europe (south west of Asia). It joined the Eurasia Economic Union in January 2015, whose remaining members or the Russian Federation Bella Russia and Kazakhstan.

The Economic, Scientific and Technical Agreement was signed in Cairo on 16/12/1992.

- Cooperation agreement in the field of customs and assistance exchange signed on 15\4\2007.
- Executive program in the tourism field signed on 15\4\2007.
- Cooperation agreement between the Faculty of Medicine in Cairo University and Yerevan Medical State University signed on 15\4\2007.
- MOU between the Egyptian-Armenian Businessmen Association for establishing an Egyptian-Armenian joint business council signed on 15\4\2007. 
- Cooperation agreement between the Middle East News Agency (MENA) and the Armenian News Agency signed on 15\4\2007.
- Draft agreement on twinning between the two cities  of Alexandria and Gyumri in Egypt and Armenia respectively signed on 15\4\2007.
- Agreement exempting diplomats and holders of VIP passports from obtaining visas signed between the Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and its Armenian counterpart signed in February 2009. 

Latest aspects of cooperation :

Negotiations are in progress for the conclusion of an agreement in the field of academic research between Cairo University and the University of Yerevan. Preparations are underway for the convention of the fifth session of the Egyptian Armenian Joint Committee meetings.