On 01/01/1978 , Switzerland has started to cooperate with Egypt.

Economic, technical and financial cooperation between Egypt and Switzerland date back to 1978. Since then Egypt has received aid from Switzerland worth CHF 330 million under four agreements of mixed funding. Each mixed funding is usually divided equally into a grant agreement with the Swiss Government and a loan agreement with the Swiss Banking Group, mixed funds were then turned into grants.
The Egyptian Swiss Development Fund (ESDF) has played an important role in boosting economic cooperation between both countries, where an agreement was signed to swap part of the debt owed by Egypt to Switzerland worth CHF 150 million to reduce the debt burden, as well as advancing economic and social development. ESDF has contributed so far in funding 97 developmental projects worth approximately EGP 668 million in poor areas in 19 governorates, especially in the fields of job creation, income generation, improving environmental and social conditions (basic education - literacy – primary health) and promoting motherhood and childhood projects.  Among the key projects implemented are the Integrated Development Project with emphasis on sanitation in some villages in Abis, Alexandria and the Water Wastewater and Solid Waste Management Project in 5 villages in Gragos, Qena. Other projects include the Environmental Development Project in 8 villages in Etsa, Fayoum and the Integrated Development Project with stress on environmental sanitation in Gharbiya. ESDF was closed and liquidated in December 2009.

US$ 53.63 millions

Was the total share of Switzerland from the ODA in Egypt during the past period

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