On 01/01/1900 , Norway has started to cooperate with Egypt.

The core of cooperation between Egypt and Norway is in cultural and technical fields in addition to trilateral cooperation in Africa as Egypt does not fall under the criteria of countries provided Norwegian aid, which stipulates that they are among the least developed countries in Africa, Asia and Central America.
Cultural cooperation between Egypt and Norway is governed by the Cultural and Scientific Cooperation Agreement signed in September 1966 and the executive program annexed to this Agreement covering different synergies between Egypt and Norway in the cultural and scientific field, scholarships, exchange of experts, exhibitions, music, youth, media and television... etc. Norway has contributed to the Alexandria Library Project by approximately NOK 60 million since 1990.
Norwegian trilateral cooperation aid has been provided through financing training courses since 1995 for Arab and African cadres in the fields of maritime transport and trade in cooperation with the Academy of Science and Technology, where the Academy received approximately NOK 10.7 million for this purpose.
An MOU was signed between the governments of Egypt and Norway on 9/8/.2010 for providing technical assistance to Egypt worth 5 million Norwegian Kronor under the framework of the Free Trade Agreement signed with EFTA for the provision of technical support to the sectors of agriculture, fisheries, industry and trade development.

Cultural and Scientific Cooperation Agreement signed in September 1966.
Double Taxation Prevention and Income Tax Evasion Agreement signed on 20 October  1966.
Norwegian Financial and Technical Aid Agreement for the development of fisheries in Lake Nasser signed on 9 February 1978.
Economic, Trade, Industrial and Technical Cooperation Agreement signed on 29 May 1978.
Economic Cooperation Declaration between Egypt and EFTA countries, including Norway signed on 8 December 1995.
MOU on trilateral technical cooperation in Africa in various areas signed on 11 January 1996.
Agreement to establish a free trade zone between the Arab Republic of Egypt and EFTA signed on 27 January 2007.

Latest aspects of cooperation :

Coordination is in progress for taking measures to activate the MOU signed in 2010 with the Norwegian side and to agree on the executive steps of the aspired activities.