On 01/01/1900 , Italy has started to cooperate with Egypt.

Egypt and Italy have long enjoyed strong relations, which were further reinforced upon the signature of the Economic and Technical Cooperation Agreement in 1975, based on which  several cooperation protocols were signed by virtue of which Italy provided the following:
A grant worth approximately USD 367 million.
Soft loans worth approximately USD 850 million.
Commercial facilities worth USD 140 million. 
Food aid worth USD 155 million.
The aid provided contributed to financing several national development projects in various fields, such as electricity, infrastructure, health care, the environment and SME’s.
During the meetings held in 2008, a new cooperation strategy for future cooperation was signed, including the decision to hold annual summits between both countries between the competent ministers concerned with bilateral cooperation to seek fields of aspired collaboration. 

The Developmental Cooperation Framework Agreement between Egypt and Italy signed in 2010 regulating cooperation between both countries. 

US$ 88.48 millions

Was the total share of Italy from the ODA in Egypt during the past period

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