The Netherlands

On 01/01/1900 , The Netherlands has started to cooperate with Egypt.

Egypt and The Netherlands enjoy special economic relations and seek to continue to reinforce these relations in the coming years. Cooperation between Egypt and The Netherlands has boomed as the latter provided Egypt until 2013 with aid worth EUR 348.607 million, including soft loans worth EUR 77.314 and grants worth EUR 271.293 million. Dutch assistance to Egypt is estimated at EUR 75 million annually, contributing to financing development projects in the sectors of agriculture, irrigation, industry, health, urbanization, social affairs, transport, electricity, commodities supply, education and supporting women empowerment activities.  Further technical cooperation programs between both countries include Dutch technical assistance aiming at improving skills, developing human resources, transferring experience and technology and benefiting development sectors in Egypt, including the private sector, from Dutch experiences and advantages in developmental fields. 

The Technical Cooperation Agreement signed between Egypt and The  Netherlands on 30/10/1976.