On 01/01/1900 , France has started to cooperate with Egypt.

Since 1998, France has been pursuing a new approach regarding its international relations with other countries with emphasis on bilateral developmental cooperation of strategic interest while bearing in mind the indirect aid provided by the European Union (EU) and other international organizations.  Assistance has been provided by France to Egypt since that date in the following forms: 
French Financial Protocols:  by virtue of which Egypt has received approximately FF 27.9 billion (equivalent to approximately EUR 4,253 billion) from 1973 to 2008. In addition, Egypt has received EUR 755,75 million by virtue of 40 protocols for promoting economic development in Egypt  through the funding of different developmental projects.  Of the key projects funded are the Cairo Underground Metro Project (Phases I & II of the third and fifth metro lines) , Qasr El-Ainy Hospital Project, setting up telephone networks in Cairo, Alexandria and the Delta, setting up power plants in Abu Qir , Suez, El-Mahla El-Kobra , Luxor , Al Naqra Valley and El-Faragh Valley  in Behira, establishing a regional control centre in the West Delta, developing the aviation surveillance system, developing potable water plants in Embaba, Mustarad, Giza, Fusfat , Tabein, Beni Suef, 10th of Ramadan and Shubra Al Kheima, setting up the waste water treatment project in El-Jabal El-Asfar , waste water treatment plants in Behira, developing Ministry of Health hospitals and Ain Shams specialized Hospital,  the installment of an information system in Bibliotheca Alexandrina, the provision of aid for carrying out the Toshka Project works, upgrading the network of air surveillance stations of the General Meteorology Authority as well as  upgrading Phase II of the third Metro line.
Research  funding through  FASEP:  France has been providing financial assistance for conducting studies concerning potential projects through FASEP. Funds provided  through FASEP were used for financing studies regarding the development of transport  in Greater Cairo , the feasibility study on the renovation of Zefta Dam, the supply of sports equipment to the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports, the project of launching the satellite (NAVISAT) in cooperation with the Ministry of Civil Aviation, studies pertaining to Bibliotheca Alexandrina and studies on providing technical assistance for Toshka Project. That is besides funding the studies for the implementation of Phases III and IV of the third Metro line and the preparation of the relevant tender documents in the same manner and according to the same conditions of Phases I & II of the third line.  It has also financed the study concerning the Civil Aviation Ministry for building solar power plants in airports
Food Aid: Egypt received food aid from France: 30 to 36 thousand tons of wheat and flour during the period 1990- 2000. In 2003, France supplied Egypt with 20 thousand tons.
AFD loans:    The French Development Agency (AFD) is a French public authority which is completely owned by the French Government.  AFD has been contributing in the process of economic and social development of many countries for over 60 years. It is considered one of the leading financial institutions providing official development assistance in France, working in more than 80 developing countries. A framework agreement has been signed that governs and regulates AFD activities in Egypt.  The action plan was signed by AFD in Egypt, which includes Egyptian development priority projects for 2012-2014, including creating jobs, supporting the private sector, especially in the field of energy and vocational training, improvement of living conditions in urban areas through the development of infrastructure and transportation, water and sanitation, the development of agricultural production and increasing rural income through the improvement of  field irrigation and agricultural sector efficiency and the support of agricultural SME’s.

- Financial protocols concluded with the French government (around 40 protocols from 1974 to 2008)
- Agreements on providing loans and funds concluded with AFD.

US$ 1,513.69 millions

Was the total share of France from the ODA in Egypt during the past period

Latest Financed Development Programs