On 01/01/1900 , Germany has started to cooperate with Egypt.

Owing to the considerable regional weight of each of Egypt and Germany, relations between them are well established, distinctive and widely diversified.  Germany has long been keen on supporting socioeconomic development efforts in Egypt.  The Egyptian German cooperation strategy focuses on finding the means of overcoming the problems faced by the following three priority sectors: 
Water: where German-Egyptian cooperation targets promoting the process of improving and expanding irrigation and drainage systems, broadening the participation of water user associations to maintain the quality and distribution of potable water and realize improved wastewater treatment appropriately.
Environment: where cooperation between both countries focuses on improving the standard of living through the effective use of natural resources in the field of industry and power plants so as to preserve the environment and to encourage Egypt to establish an effective private sector solid waste treatment system.
Social market economy through job creation and income-generating opportunities through the development of Mubarak-Kohl Project for dual technical education for meeting the demand for trained Egyptian labor in the growing private sector.

Reaching an agreement on German aid to Egypt takes place bi-annually through governmental negotiations. On the other hand, governmental consultations take place annually for following up ongoing projects.  Based on these negotiations and consultations, financial and technical cooperation agreements are signed between both countries in the form of loans and grants, as well as swapping debts owed by Egypt to Germany and using the corresponding local components in financing development projects.


US$ 1,284.39 millions

Was the total share of Germany from the ODA in Egypt during the past period

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