Joint Commissions

The Joint Committee between Egypt and Azerbaijan

Historical Background

- The Ministerial joint committee is considered among one of the key mechanisms of developing bilateral cooperation between Azerbaijan and Egypt in economic and technical fields.  The committee meetings focus on exploring different strategies to bolster cooperation in different fields, besides its role in reinforcing communications between the officials of both countries.
- The Economic, Scientific and Technical Cooperation Agreement signed in Cairo in April 1994 stipulates that the joint committee should convene in Egypt and Azerbaijan alternately to be headed by the MOIC and the Azeri Foreign Economic Relations Ministry. Three joint committees have been held to date.
- The joint committee’s last session procured positive results, leading to the establishment of the Egyptian- Azeri Friendship Park and discussing different ways to maximize the benefit of establishing mutual scholarships programs , as well as exploring ways to assist Azerbaijan in spreading  teaching the Arabic language across the  country, following  the opening of a school that taught Arabic as a second language. Both, Egypt and Azerbaijan praised the implementation of the MOU signed in 2005 in the field of medicine, particularly after the two sides agreed to set up a factory for the  production of medicines and pharmaceutical products with “Akdema Co.” and the approval of  Abshorn Governor to allocate a piece of land for the development of the project. They also agreed to exchange doctors and experts, taking steps to establishing a one day surgery center in Azerbaijan, and fostering  cooperation between serums & vaccines “Vexira-Egypt Co.” to supply Azerbaijani pharmaceutical companies with medicine and medical equipment, particularly in light of  the registration of 37 Egyptian medicines in Azerbaijan.  

Sessions Held

Three sessions of the Azeri Egyptian Joint Committee on Economic, Scientific and Technical Cooperation have been held, the first in Baku in October 2002 and the last on 27- 29  December 2007.


Important Recommendations /Agreements Signed at the Last Session:

The meetings of the Joint Committee on Economic, Scientific, and Technical Cooperation resulted in the signing of the Committee’s protocol, as well as the following documents:
- An Agreement on cooperation and mutual assistance in customs affairs, signed on 29/12/2007.
- A protocol for the establishment of a joint agricultural research center in the city of Ganja , signed on 29/12/2007. 
-  MOU on cooperation between the Egyptian Radio and Television Union (ERTU) and the Azerbaijani Radio and Television Broadcasting Authority , signed in 29/12/2007.
- MOU on cooperation between the National Authority on Library and National Archives and the Institute of Manuscripts, affiliated to the Azerbaijani Scientific Academy , signed on 29/12/2007.