Joint Commissions

The Joint Committee between Egypt and Indonesia

Historical Background

The First Session of the Egyptian Indonesian Joint Committee was held in 1988 in Jakarta with a view to enhancing economic cooperation between both countries.  Four other sessions followed, the last of which was held in 2007 in Jakarta, chaired by the Egyptian Minister of International Cooperation and the Indonesian Minister of Trade. 

Sessions Held

First Session held in Jakarta in 1988.
Second Session held in Cairo in 1990.
Third Session held in Jakarta in 1994.
Fourth Session held in Cairo in 2005.
Fifth Session held in Jakarta in 2007.


Important Recommendations /Agreements Signed at the Last Session:

During the Fifth Session of the Joint Committee held on 3-4 April 2007, an Economic and Technical Cooperation Agreement was signed as well as three memorandums of understanding in the fields of standardization, free zones and exhibitions & fairs respectively. 
Both sides agreed during the Fifth Session to adopt new mechanisms for increasing the volume of trade to reach USD 1 billion, thereby reflecting the strong ties between both countries.  They agreed to establish free warehousing zones in the ports of Jakarta and Cairo to ensure the abundance of different types of commodities and products in both countries and to see that each country benefits from the other country’s membership in different economic groups, such as Egypt’s membership in the COMESA and Indonesia’s membership in ASEAN.  Other mechanisms include setting a regular navigation line between Egyptian and Indonesian ports, holding periodical meetings between businessmen, participating in exhibitions held in both countries and establishing a permanent fair for Egyptian products in Indonesia.