Joint Commissions

The Joint Committee between Egypt and Cuba

Historical Background

The Egyptian Cuban Joint Committee was established pursuant to the Economic, Technical and Scientific Cooperation Agreement signed between both countries on 4 October 2003.  The Committee’s main objective is to determine the fields of bilateral cooperation, to evaluate and supervise the implementation of cooperation projects, to propose recommendations and appropriate implementation and development procedures, as well as to develop economic and technical studies as a preliminary step for designing the programs and projects to be executed.  The following are among the most important agreements signed in light of the Committee’s efforts:
Agreement for the Protection and Retrieval of Stolen/ Trafficked Antiquities signed on 9 May 2008.
MOU between the Egyptian Radio & Television Union (ERTU) and the Cuban Institute of Radio & Television (ICRT) signed on 9 May 2008.
MOU on Cooperation in the Field of International Exhibitions and Markets signed on 6 November 2008.


Sessions Held

First Session of the Egyptian Cuban Joint Committee held in Cairo on 18- 19 November 2007.

Important Recommendations /Agreements Signed at the Last Session:

The parties sought means of boosting cooperation in different fields and discussed forms of development realized in both countries, such as vital technology, pharmaceutical industries, scientific research, energy rationalization, communications & information technology, in addition to benefiting from Cuba’s distinguished experience in the fields of literacy, health care and education, and exchanging experience between both parties in the fields of trade, transport, civil aviation, radio & television, sports, culture, agriculture and tourism.  The following protocols and MOUs were signed:
1- Protocol on Economic, Technical and Scientific Cooperation. 
2- MOU on Cooperation in the Field of Literacy.
3- MOU in the field of Scientific Research & Technology. 


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