Joint Commissions

The Joint Committee between Egypt and Armenia

Historical Background

Egypt is one of the first countries to recognize Armenia’s independence in 1991 and to establish diplomatic relations with it.  According to the Economic, Scientific and Technical Cooperation Agreement concluded between the Egyptian and Armenian governments in 1992, joint committee meetings take place annually in both countries alternately, headed by the Ministers of International Cooperation. Since the endorsement of the agreement, five sessions of the Egyptian Armenian Committee have been held, the first and the last were held in Yerevan. 
Egyptian Armenian relations were further reinforced following the Armenian President’s visit to Egypt in April 2007, during which nine agreements were signed covering the various fields of cooperation between both countries. The fourth session of the joint committee was held in Egypt to explore the different approaches to strengthen collaboration in the fields of health and medicine, higher education and scientific research, power and energy, communications and information technology. 
Armenia aspires to benefit from the Egyptian experience in constructing the Smart Village to construct a similar project in Yerevan.  Armenia is currently preparing for the fifth session of  the joint committee to be held in its capital Yerevan.  The fifth session will focus on certain areas of bilateral cooperation, most importantly culture, medicine and vaccines, communication and information technology, education and scientific research.

Sessions Held

Five sessions have been held, the last in Yerevan in September 2017.


Important Recommendations /Agreements Signed at the Last Session: