Joint Commissions

The Joint Committee between Egypt and Ukraine

Historical Background

The Egyptian Ukrainian Joint Committee meetings serve as an important cooperation framework between both countries. The Economic, Scientific and Technical Agreement signed in 1992 stipulates the convention of the Joint Committee in the capitals of both countries alternately. 

Sessions Held

The First Session of the Egyptian Ukrainian Joint Committee was held in Cairo in July 1997 followed by seven other sessions, the last of which was held in Cairo in 2010.

Important Recommendations /Agreements Signed at the Last Session:

The Sixth Session of the Egyptian Ukrainian Joint Committee on Economic, Scientific and Technical Cooperation was held in Cairo on 23- 24 November 2010 in Cairo, concluding with the signature of a protocol and a set of documents, the most important of which are as follows:
Agreement signed on 7/12/2010 for the exemption of holders of diplomatic, special and official passports from obtaining visas.
Cultural cooperation executive program signed on 24/11/2010.
Agreement between the Ministries of Higher Education in both countries, signed on 24/11/2010.
MOU in the field of water resources and irrigation, signed on 24/11/2010.
On the sideline of the Joint Committee meetings, the Federation of Egyptian Chambers of Commerce held an economic forum that was attended by the Ukrainian Prime Minister and the accompanying official delegation and a delegation of Ukrainian businessmen. At the forum investment opportunities and fields of cooperation in both countries were discussed.