Joint Commissions

The Joint Committee between Egypt and Bosnia and Herzegovina

Historical Background

The Joint Committee meetings serve as a major cooperation mechanism between  Egypt and Bosnia. An Agreement on Economic, Scientific and Technical Cooperation was signed between both countries on 11/3/1998 in Cairo, thereby agreeing on the convention of the Egyptian Bosnian Joint Committee on Economic, Scientific and Technical Cooperation   in the capitals of both countries alternately.

Sessions Held

The First Session of the Joint Committee convened in Cairo, on t16- 17 November 2009.

Important Recommendations /Agreements Signed at the Last Session:

At the First Session of the Joint Committee, both sides signed a number of agreements, the most important of which are the following: 
- Air Transport Cooperation Agreement.
- MOU between the Egyptian Library and Archives (Dar El-Kotob) and the Bosnian and Herzegovina Federal Archives .
-  MOU between the Egyptian General Authority for Investment and Free Zones and the Bosnian Agency of Investment Promotion.
- MOU on reciprocal cooperation between Mansoura University and Bihac University.
- Agreement on establishing an Egyptian Bosnian Chamber of Commerce.
- The Session Protocol that sets out aspects of  bilateral cooperation in  the fields of  trade and industry, investment, the banking sector , communications and information technology , tourism, air transport, power, health and medicine, agriculture, higher education and scientific research and the construction industry.