Joint Commissions

The Joint Committee between Egypt and Bulgaria

Historical Background

In conformity with the Economic, Scientific and Technical Cooperation Agreement signed between Egypt and Bulgaria in Cairo on 18 April 2007, the Egyptian Bulgarian Joint Committee holds its annual meetings on a rotational basis in Cairo and Sofia.  This Agreement is in replacement of the preceding one dated 23/10/1965 to cope with emerging economic developments transpiring in Bulgaria following  its accession to the EU in January 2007 and the enforcement of the Egyptian Bulgarian Partnership Agreement.
- At the twelfth session of the Joint Committee held in Sofia on 3- 5 June 2003, both countries signed the Double Taxation Prevention Agreement, the Exports Protection Agreement and the Protocol on cooperation in field of construction.
-  During  the Bulgarian president’s  visit to Egypt on 13- 15 April 2008,  the MOU on water resources management was signed along with the Protocol on the amendment of 2 Articles of the Foreign Investments Promotion and Protection Agreement signed on 15/3/1998 (Bulgaria requested the amendment of the 2 Articles in order that the Agreement reflect the changes taking place upon Bulgaria’s joining of the EU) .

Sessions Held

Thirteen sessions of the Joint Committee have been held to date.  

Important Recommendations /Agreements Signed at the Last Session:

The thirteen session of the Joint Committee convened in Cairo on 17- 18 April 2007, presided by Head of the European Cooperation Sector on the Egyptian side. Both countries signed the Session protocol on bilateral cooperation in the fields of trade and industry, investment, communications and information technology, tourism, health and medicine, agriculture, water resources, irrigation, petroleum, electricity, culture, transportation and civil aviation.